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Benefits of Online Education


1. Everyone has the right to education, regardless of their geographical position.


2. Distance is not a problem.  Students save valuable time avoiding unnecessary commuting.


3. The family saves money, since the cost of online education is much lower.


4. The quality of education is increasing as the Internet offers access to valuable information that can satisfy even the most demanding user.


5. Technology makes significant contribution towards both presentation and studying of lessons. Interactive desktops arouse the interest of students making the learning process meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding.


6. Internet becomes a tool for acquiring knowledge. Students are able to understand the important aspects of Internet and develop their critical skills.


7. Parents can easily watch their child’s progress not only by keeping in touch with their tutors but also by monitoring their child’s lesson.


8. Constant communication between students and tutors even outside lesson hours.


9. Access to an online portal of educational materials similar to those distributed in classroom.


10. Students are given the chance to contribute to class as well as to cooperate by using synchronous and asynchronous educational tools.

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