Since its establishment, GOON INTERACTIVE LEARNING has been watching the developments regarding Lifelong Learning and Training at national and international level.


The development of the National Qualifications Framework has laid a solid foundation for the certified knowledge of learners in Greece.


GOON INTERACTIVE LEARNING has developed collaborations with certification bodies that offer quality and internationally recognised certifications with the view to providing quality, personalized and effective solutions.


Through these collaborations, GOON INTERACTIVE LEARNING offers learners the opportunity to certify their skills and knowledge gained during the educational process.


 Why do we need a certification?


In today’s demanding world, certifying your skills and knowledge is an important prerequisite because:


  1. It ensures that the educational process was properly completed.
  2. It ensures the candidate’s level of knowledge, skills and abilities in a way that is officially recognised.
  3. It specifies the cognitive framework that corresponds to the candidate making it easier to evaluate.
  4. The private and public sector require certified knowledge and skills in many areas and levels of the production process.
  5. It is a key element of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.
  6. With the formation of National Qualifications Framework, all forms of learning (formal, non-formal and informal) at all levels will be related, and their results will be recognized and certified.


Interactive Learning has realised that learning new technologies (Information Technologies) and foreign languages (Business & Communication English) are the cornerstone of learning and developing skills needed in today's expanding job market. Therefore, it has developed collaborations and educational courses that really fascinate.


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