Cisco Networking Academy is a global innovative educational organization that offers Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills to help meet the growing demand for skilled professionals and improve the career prospects of students around the world.


Cisco Networking Academy (CNA) is an innovative model for delivering e-learning education, in which the curriculum, the monitoring of student’s progress and the examinations are conducted via the Internet, ensuring 100% reliability of the educational process.


Interactive Learning is a certified academy by Cisco Networking Academy and the teachers who teach the Academy’s programs are specially trained and certified by the International Learning Institute (Association of Cisco Academies).


Educational Courses:


IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (80 hours)

This introductory program of Cisco Networking Academy equips students, who wish to make their career in the IT sector, with all the necessary knowledge and skills on issues related to hardware - software and computer operating systems, as well as basic network knowledge.


IT Essentials offers an in-depth hardware and computer operating systems presentation. Students learn the functionality of hardware and software parts, as well as the preferred practices concerning the maintenance and security. With practice students learn how to assemble and set up computers, install operating systems and software, resolve problems and restore damaged hardware and software. In addition, students are being taught multi-user, multi-tasking operating systems like Linux, Windows 2000, NT and XP and discover a variety of topics that include installation procedures, security, back up and remote access.



  1. Introduction to the Personal Computer
  2. Safe Lab Procedure and Tool Use
  3. Computer Assembly Step by Step
  4. Basics of Preventive Maintainance and Troubleshooting
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Laptops and Portable Devices
  7. Printers and Scanners
  8. Networks
  9. Security
  10. Communication Skills
  11. Personal Computers (Advanced)
  12. Operating Systems (Advanced)
  13. Laptops and Portable devices (Advanced)
  14. Printers and Scanners (Advanced)
  15. Networks (Advanced)
  16. Security (Advanced)


CCNA Exploration (300 hours)

This specialized Cisco Networking Academy program equips students, who wish to make career in IT, with a strong professional certificate.


During the training, students are being taught design, installation and maintenance of networks such as LAN (Local Area Networks) and WAN (Wide Area Networks). The curriculum includes training on networks through various applications and covers subjects that are based on different types of network practices, which students may face in houses and small offices or even more complex business models.


Students gain network knowledge based on technology, covering protocols and theory at deeper levels in accordance with university practices. Also, basic concepts of routing and high-level technologies are being taught that prepare them for the CCNA® certification and a career in networks.