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BULATS is a unique and highly sophisticated system for assessing language proficiency in English and other European languages. Examinations are conducted by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations – a world-leading organisation in assessing language proficiency in English.


This flexible, accurate and rapid evaluation of language proficiency is ideal for finding a job, being promoted or entering a university. BULATS is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing language proficiency and is used by government agencies as well as private companies.


BULATS is being used worldwide by the biggest corporations and organisations. The test has been designed to meet the growing corporate needs for employees' language skills.


In Greece, BULATS is recognised by ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection) at levels Β1, Β2 (lower), C1 (advanced) and C2 (proficiency).


You can see who uses BULATS worldwide & Government Gazette 2K/2009.


You can see the new list of recognized English certificates from ASEP.


How the computer test works?

BULATS is an adaptive evaluation system, one that can be suited to the language capacity of the candidate, whatever their current language level.  Questions are posed by the computer through a series of screens and, as the test proceeds, the software selects the questions put to the candidate by means of immediate and continual analysis of their performance.  As a result, the test becomes progressively simpler or more difficult, until a coherent and unambiguous level of language skills is determined.  In this way, BULATS is able to establish the precise language level of the candidate and supply an immediate result.


What does BULATS assess?

The test assesses the language skills of candidates in listening and reading as well as grammar and vocabulary. Candidates have to answer a wide range of different types of questions, such as multiple choice questions and listening and reading comprehension exercises related to the daily work environment. Candidates can also take the Speaking Test, the Writing Test or any combination of the three tests.


BULATS results


BULATS results are available immediately and candidates receive an analytical profile of their language skills, which is easily understood.  The test assesses candidates across the six levels of the ALTE Framework, i.e. the same test is used for all candidates irrelevant of their level. (0-5 of the ALTE Framework corresponds to the Council of Europe Framework levels A1-C2.) All candidates receive an analytical profile of results which includes:        


  1. Candidate’s overall score         
  2. A score for each section of the test (Listening, Reading and Grammar/Vocabulary)
  3. A description of what a candidate with a certain language level is normally capable of doing (“Can Do” statements).


Knowledge Level



Council of Europe (CEF) Levels BULATS score
Level Description for ASEP


90-100 Upper Advanced


75-89 Advanced


60-74 Upper Intermediate


40-59 Intermediate


20-39 Elementary


0-19 Beginner


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