Interactive Learning’s Quality Policy is:


  1. Providing a broader range of high quality standards educational services.
  2. Providing innovative and quality education schemes through computers to educational institutions nationwide.
  3. The creation - upgrade of modern educational tools and systems based on the B2B and W2W philosophy.

QualityAiming at the above, our organization, in exclusive collaboration with Interactive Learning, has established the implementation of Quality Management System according to the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. This system is customer-centric and covers all company activities by creating a comparative advantage, an internal organization tool which reflects on the excellent quality of the final product and, therefore, customer satisfaction.


At the same time, our educational institution has ensured the participation of all employees in using the Quality Management System, so to help improve efficiency, reduce overheads and make efficient use of company resources.


The Quality Policy is reviewed regularly in order to ensure its suitability and it’s modified whenever necessary.


In order to meet the demand, requirements (orders) and expectations of our clients we:


  1. Review their needs and demands before drawing up an offer and signing a contract.
  2. Provide products and services that meet their demands.
  3. Provide products and services that comply with the Legislative & Regulatory Requirements and European standards.
  4. Manage complaints and indications associated with the operation and services of the educational institution.
  5. Collect information and data, which are processed to determine the degree of customer satisfaction.